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Five Wedding Day Tips

From an Orlando Wedding Planner | Amanda Lowe Events

Amanda Lowe is an Orlando wedding planner; she owns and operates Amanda Lowe Events. She is a certified wedding planner through the Bridal Society. Like myself, she is obsessed with all the gorgeous details that go into putting a wedding together. Amanda has put together “five wedding day tips from an Orlando wedding planner” to help get you ready for your wedding day! Read the “five wedding day tips from an Orlando wedding planner” below!!


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#1: Enjoy Getting Ready

The morning of your wedding is the very last time that you and your best girls will be hanging out together before you are a married woman! Be sure that you wake up on your wedding morning feeling prepared, so you can enjoy yourself!

Lay out all your bridal accessories, beauty supplies, and any important bags the night before the wedding. Taking care of these little details in advance will allow you to feel more relaxed on the morning of your big day.

If your budget allows, add on extra photography time! Your photographer can capture all the exciting moments of your wedding morning. I promise, the photos of you and your girls getting all glammed up, dancing around to your favorite songs, and spending time together are priceless!

One of my favorite things for a bride to do with her girls on the morning of the wedding is to pop some champagne! Opening a bottle of bubbly together creates such a fun photo opportunity and allows you to take time with your girls to soak in all the little moments of your wedding morning.


#2: Make Sure to Eat!

I know, you might have heard this one before. But it is so important that you don’t forget to take care of your body on your wedding day. Nobody wants to be a hangry bride!

Once you put on your gorgeous dress and head to your venue, the wedding day will be over before you know it. Between all the happy tears, greeting guests, and breaking it down on the dance floor, you may completely forget about your need to eat during your wedding.

My advice is to take the time to get some good food in your body beforehand. This will act as a sort of insurance. In the case you only get to have a couple bites of that wonderful wedding meal you and your fiancé picked out. Be sure to take time on the morning of your wedding to have a hearty breakfast, high in protein. This will keep you fuller for longer. It will also give your body some great energy to run on throughout the day. You can also have your maid of honor stash some quick snacks, like granola bars, in your bridal suite for you to munch on before the wedding kicks into full gear.


#3: Consider a “First Touch”

Are you torn about how you’d like your husband to see you for the first time on wedding day? I’m sure you’re aware of the traditional approach. This is where the groom first gets to see his bride as she walks down the aisle. There is also the recently popular first look. This is great for couples who would like the reveal to be a more private moment between the two of them.

If find yourself torn between tradition and a more recent trend, you should consider a first touch. This is where the bride and groom get to talk with each other before the wedding, but they do not see each other. Popular first touch options are to have the bride and groom hold hands around a corner or a door. The first touch allows the bride and groom to share a sweet moment together before the wedding, while still allowing the groom to first see the bride as she comes down the aisle.

During a first touch, many couples like to pray together, read love letters to one another, or just let their future spouse know how excited they are to marry them. There are many ways to customize your first touch, so it feels just right for you and your fiancé.


#4: Add Buffer Time to Your Timeline

For your wedding day to run as smoothly as possible, you should create a detailed timeline of events. Your timeline should include every wedding day event. All the way from getting ready to the grand exit at the end of the night.

When creating your wedding day timeline, buffer time is extremely important. You will need to consider not only how long it takes to drive from one location to another, but also leave a bit of a cushion in case someone gets lost or runs into traffic.

Once everyone is ready and at the venue, you should still have buffer time between the major events of the wedding. For instance, you should check with your bridal party about fifteen minutes before ceremony time to make sure everyone is ready, and nobody has to use the restroom. Once everyone is good to go, the bridal party should start lining up in their order for the processional, about five minutes before ceremony start time.

The same rule of thumb comes into play when getting everyone lined up for the grand entrance into the reception. Make sure your timeline always has buffers to gather everyone together for important events, so that your wedding runs on time throughout the entire evening.



#5: Have a Private Last Dance

Once you’ve said your “I Do’s”, taken photos, cut your cake, and broken it down on the dance floor, you’ll be wondering how the night went by so quickly. I believe that the most important part of the wedding day is for the bride and groom to get a moment together to soak it all in.

A private last dance is one of the sweetest things a couple can do on their wedding day, in my opinion. This is where your wedding guests are escorted out of the reception room after the final group song of the night. You and your new husband will get to have the entire room to yourself, where you can have a romantic slow dance with one another and take in all the wedding day magic that just happened.

The private last dance is a win-win! It is not only one of the sweetest moments of your wedding day, but it is a logistical magic trick as well. While you and your boo are soaking in the bliss of your new marriage, your planner will be outside, organizing all your guests for your grand exit. Once you are finished with your private last dance, you can leave the reception room and transition seamlessly into your grand exit surrounded by your loved ones and ride off into your happily ever after.


This is all such great advice for you Brides! I hope you enjoyed reading “five wedding day tips from an Orlando wedding planner”. Head over to Instagram and follow Amanda and I so you can stay in the loop! Also check out our Wedding Guide!

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A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding day timeline and we know it can be overwhelming! Grab our free guide to plan the perfect timeline for your day. 

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