Dec 23, 2019

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A Bok Tower Engagement | Brittany and Jon

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A Bok Tower Engagement | Sneak Peeks

Brittany & Jon

Bok Tower Engagement Photos | Orlando Wedding Photographer

This Bok Tower Engagement was so gorgeous. It did rain a little at the beginning of the session, but quickly cleared up! Brittany and Jon were so fun to photograph and they are so full of love and adventure.


  • We LOVE theme parks and roller coasters. You can also find us at Disney, Sea World or Bush Gardens. We also enjoy every moment with our dogs, taking them on walks in the neighborhood or finding random fields for them to run. We LOOOOVE traveling, near and far. Our favorite getaway is Savannah or Blue Ridge for some peace and quiet in the mountains!
  • Brittany is thoughtful, especially towards others. She’s probably the most selfless person I’ve ever met, from the job she does to our personal life. Brittany always going above and beyond to do for others before doing for herself. She is silly and definitely keeps things interesting around the house. She will have random dance parties (by herself) or whip out her imaginary air guitar and start stringing to a made up song. She’ll randomly hide in areas of the home and pop out at me when I least expect it. It always leaves me wondering what goes on in her head because she’s so random!
  • Jon is so kind. Not only to me but to those who aren’t so cheerful at times. I’ve very rarely seen him upset or angry with someone; even when I’m trying to get a rise out of him, it won’t happen! Lol He is hardworking- this spills over into everything his does. Even after a long day of work, he puts great effort in being present for me, family and friends in all aspects. He can work a 16hr day and still helps me in whatever I’m doing once he gets home.

Hair and Makeup: Salon INXS

Dresses: Green Dress: Lulus | Blue Dress: Vici


A Bok Tower Engagement | Brittany and Jon

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