Oct 2, 2019

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Cultural Wedding | A Vietnamese Tea Ceremony | Wedding Photographer

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A Vietnamese Tea Ceremony | Cultural Wedding |

Jo & Trung

This was my first ever Vietnamese Tea ceremony for a cultural wedding. Jo & Trung’s wedding was full of special details, vibrant colors, celebratory moods, and lots of delicious food! This special Vietnamese tea ceremony was a two day event, so the first day was their wedding ceremony, or tea ceremony, and the second day was their vow readings/wedding reception. Their Ao Dai’s (ceremony outfits) were beautiful; Ao Dai is the traditional Vietnamese garment. It is made of silk with beautiful unique patterns and embroidery. Jo wore a beautiful headpiece called the Kahn Dong. With gold and red as their ceremony colors, it definitely looks luxurious and elegant.

The Tea Ceremony

Jo & Trung’s cultural tea ceremony was held in Windermere, at Jo’s parent’s house. The Vietnamese couple were surrounded by their closest family members, so it was a special time for them. During this time, the family prayed and drank tea. They also exchanged rings and then ate cultural dishes because that is what a tea ceremony is all about. I actually was able to eat their cultural dishes and enjoyed them!

The modern Vietnamese weddings are an exciting fusion of historic and modern traditions. Everything from the Vietnamese Wedding Dress, the Ao Dai, to the Vietnamese Tea Ceremony is a great representation of the rich and historical culture.

Their Vietnamese Tea Ceremony is a great representation of beauty and richness within their families Vietnamese culture.

In the Asian culture, the bride and groom are marrying their spouse’s families too. If you’re Asian or have Asian friends, you’re probably used to seeing multiple generations living in the same household.

Enjoy some of the photos from the tea ceremony! I had a great time photographing this special occasion for Jo & Trung, and wish them all the happiness in the world because they deserve it!

Day 2 | Jo & Trungs Vow Reading and Reception

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Pearl White Events, an Orlando Wedding Planner helped plan their event. Their two-day event was perfect because Pearl White Events did a seamless job!

Cultural Wedding | A Vietnamese Tea Ceremony | Wedding Photographer

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