The Garden Villa – Wedding in Winter Park, FL

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Apr 23, 2019

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Tucked inside The Garden Villa of Winter Park, FL, Elena and Owen gifted their wedding guests with a romantic oasis as they’d never seen before.Wedding in Winter Park, FL

A Romantic Florida Garden Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding in Winter Park, FL, there are more gorgeous options available to you then you can even imagine.

I’ve found, as a Florida engagement and wedding photographer, however, that there is beauty in simplicity. After all, when your garden venue has such lush, floral landscaping, is there much need for anything else? Elena and Owen’s special day was enveloped in the sweet smell of flowers and fresh air. Their color choices of blush pink, burgundy, and forest green brought depth to the decor.

Even better, the gorgeous wine-themed details brought the feel of romance to another level.

The pièce de résistance, though, was the couple themselves.

A Love-Filled Wedding in Winter Park, FL

Wedding in Winter Park, FL

Elena and Owen are the definition of true love.

Their relationship is grounded in respect and tradition that shows in the way they interact. Pure excitement showed on each of their faces all day long.

One of my favorite things about the couples I photograph is learning little bits of their story that are important to them. With Elena and Owen, for example, I adored the fact that the diamond in her engagement ring once belonged to her grandmother.

In my opinion, including little pieces of family history like this in your relationship is beautiful. They’re acknowledgments of the way your individual lives are coming together.

I do not doubt that these two will have a long and happy life together. Their idyllic wedding and romantic cruise honeymoon are the perfect first chapters to the rest of their lives. I’m forever grateful that I got to be a small part of their story.


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