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Nov 19, 2018

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Why do a Boudoir Photography Shoot?

There are so many reasons to do a boudoir shoot. One reason that comes to my mind is… do it for YOU. A boudoir shoot can be anything you want it to be and there are so many different reasons to have boudoir photos taken. We try to make all of our boudoir shoots fun and relaxed. Our boudoir shoots take place in a beautiful Winter Garden studio. Hair and make-up are recommended for the photoshoot and can be done on-site. Our boudoir shoots can last up to four hours, including hair and make-up application.

“Life is short…do the boudoir photoshoot!”

I do find it hard to get across in writing what a special thing a boudoir shoot can and should be.  As a client myself, have always said that I believe it is something that every woman should do at least once in her life because I see the women who book boudoir shoots so positively transformed by the experience.


“Thank you Chynna Pacheco Photography, you gave me back my confidence” -Manuela

Some of the many reasons women book boudoir photoshoots is:

  • Bridal Boudoir in order to give their groom a wedding gift
  • To celebrate key birthdays – turning 30, 40, 50, 60!
  • Weight loss
  • Self esteem issues  due to a relationship ending or surviving the first few years of motherhood.
  • Because you deserve it.

Whatever the reason behind booking the boudoir shoot the experience should be the same.  I want it to be a day dedicated to YOU, a day of being spoilt, pampered and celebrated. A day that is fun, liberating and one that will stay with you for a very long time.

The environment or location where the boudoir shoot takes place is VERY important and has a big influence on the final feel of the images – I want my work to look like luxury boudoir photography: stylish, editorial, beautiful and artistic.   It is also very important because it will affect how you feel – you need to feel safe, relaxed and able to be yourself; which is why I choose to shoot in a studio in Winter Garden; which is close to Orlando.

Photography by: Chynna Pacheco Photography

Hair and Make-up by: Rachel Amadea Make-up

Lingerie: Victoria Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood



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